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Feature length investigative documentary
(96 minutes)


'American 965' is a 2021 investigative feature length documentary film from Fact Not Fiction Films.

Directed and produced by Captain Tristan Loraine, a former British Airways Boeing 757 Captain and union Health & Safety representative; the film comes after nearly 20 years of research by the director.


The film investigates the 20 December 1995 tragic loss of American Airlines flight 965 from Miami to Cali, Colombia. The plane crashed whilst on approach, killing 159 people onboard. Only 4 passengers and a dog survived the crash.


The accident investigators of the time concluded the Boeing 757 accident was primarirly caused by pilot error. Why two of American Airlines most experienced pilots actually made the errors they did that night, that question, was never been fully investigated until now.

'American 965' looks at evidence the investigators never considered and flight safety critical evidence the aviation industry knew but was not brought to the investigators attention. 


Through extensive research; interviews with family members, survivors, air accident investigators and other experts; as well as a never seen before complete 3D recreation of the accident; Loraine offers a plausible new possible cause for why this tragic accident occurred. The film leaves us asking why did the aviation industry never reveal to investigators key information they knew. Information every passenger should know.

American_Airlines_Flight_965_crashsite W
American 965 crash_site_2 FAA.jpg

Fact Not Fiction Films, established in 2006, is an award-winning film and documentary production company based in West Sussex, England.​ Fact Not Fiction Films specialise in documentary and feature films exploring matters of significant public interest combining passion and experience to create impactful and thought-provoking films.

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